The Must-Have Item For All Female Travellers

Warning! The following content is meant for females and it has to do with every girl’s monthly woes (well not “woes” anymore after discovering this awesome item). Sooo, if you’re a male who happens to be reading this now….don’t say that i didn’t warn you!

So anyway, I love travelling, outdoor activities, water sports, and all sorts of high adrenaline activities. BUT, whenever it’s the time of the month, suddenly all that fun and excitement is gone. I know that’s quite an extreme statement, and guys (if you’re really still reading on), this is something that you will never understand.

Girls, you know exactly what i’m talking about right? It’s just that discomfort plus incessant worrying about whether your pad is going to overflow, or whether it’s time to change your tampon (read about the risks of tampons here) or whether there’s a convenient place for you to wash up and change your pad/tampon and so on and so forth. But the annoying thing is that you don’t always know when it’s exactly the “time of the month”. When it comes, it comes. Either you give up doing that activity that you’ve planned for months in advance, or to suck it up and just do it. Here’s what my travel experience would be like if i hadn’t discovered this awesome product.

Water related activities

Dive 306

Yes that’s me, diving in Tulamben next to a Bump Head Parrot Fish that’s almost bigger than me! But instead of being amazed by the majestic sea creatures, i would be praying that my menses do not leak for fear that it might attract some other unwanted attention.



That’s me climbing Mount Kinabalu!  Instead of enjoying the magnificent view, i would be worrying about where’s a good place for me to change my pad/tampon. (but as you can see, not many options available)

Long bus/train rides


Long bus/train rides are almost the worst thing ever when you’re having your menses. Especially when taking those overnight rides, shifting about uncomfortably in your seat, counting down to the next toilet break when you can finally change your pad.

And the list above is of course not exhaustive! So anyway, after talking so much about all that, i’ve finally going to reveal this awesome discovery that i made a few months back! And i must say, that this little thing has changed my life tremendously (not exaggerating). I no longer have to worry about my period! Really!

And…..the item is….a menstrual cup! Here’s how it looks like!


Yes i know…it looks super intimidating. I was also quite doubtful of this strange looking funnel thingy that you’re supposed to insert inside you. Especially after reading so many reviews about it, i was even more apprehensive as several females have commented that this item has a very steep learning curve. But surprisingly, i got it right the first time round, and it was done almost effortlessly! And it was very comfy! (but i had to trim off the stem a little)

So firstly, what is this menstrual cup??

“A menstrual cup is a flexible cup or barrier worn inside the vagina during menstruation to collect menstrual fluid. Unlike tampons and pads, the cup collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it. Menstrual cups are usually made from medical grade silicone.”  

How do you use it??


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For a detailed guide on how to use it, you may click here!

Why should you use it?

1. It’s so much more comfortable & convenient! You will only need to empty it out once every 12 hours. So you put it in in the morning, and then you can just forget about it and empty it out once more at night! But of course that may vary depending on your flow. For me, my flow has always been relatively lighter, hence no problem at all emptying out after 12 hours. You can do all sorts of extreme sports and even water activities when using this cup. Tried & tested by yours truly! 🙂

2. It’s much safer! Tampons and pads often contain chemicals, specifically the Dioxin, that aid in its absorbency. But not forgetting that these chemicals will also absorb normal vaginal secretions as well which might cause drying and ulceration of vaginal tissues. Yes. ouch. Or if you leave your tampon in for too long, it might result in Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Whereas for the cup, it allows natural flow and acts as a collector rather than an absorbent.

3. Cost savings! One menstrual cup cost me around SG41. One box of tampon consisting of 8 pieces already cost me almost SG10. And this cup has a life span of 3 years! Yes it’s reusable. The material is made from silicon which is very durable and safe for use.

Where can i buy it?

Do note that it’s not sold in Singapore! I ordered mine online from and it offers free shipping worldwide too! So awesome right?? Alternatively, you can try ordering from Amazon or eBay too, but only selected brands are available.

Anyway, this is all based on my own experience and i highly recommend it to all female travellers out there, especially those travelling long term! It really made my life so much more convenient! By the way, there are quite a number of brands out there and they each have their own qualities. Eg. Diva Cup, Lunette, Moon Cup, etc. After much research, i decided to get the Lunette Cup mainly because it’s made of a softer grade silicon and it’s smaller in size which is more suitable for Asians. The Lunette Cup comes in 2 sizes, i chose Model 1 which is for females with lighter flow. And it fit me perfectly! No regrets! 🙂

UPDATE:  Enjoy a 20% discount off a Lunette Menstrual Cup! Simply purchase the cup from here and key in the coupon code “SUNRISE” when making payment. Applicable only for orders shipped within North America (ie. Canada, Mexico and the US). Valid till 27 Jul 2014. 

Do share in the comments below if you’re using this item too! Or if you have any questions about using this menstrual cup, i’ll be more than happy to share my thoughts with you!