Meet Daniel and Gina, we’re two asian travellers who are both ravenous for adventure and endlessly excited about discovering the world through travel. Determined to not lead a typical Singaporean life, we’ve decided to take a step out of our comfort zone and to seek off the beaten path destinations to experience life to the fullest.

We’ve decided to start this blog to chronicle our travels and to use it as a platform to share our exciting travel stories with our family and friends. Hopefully through our travelogues, we will be able to inspire our readers to live your dreams too! We envision our blog to eventually become an all-in-one travel resource platform with a focus on off-grid destinations and adventure travel.

We just came back from a 279 days overland adventure, travelling from the east of China, towards Mongolia, through Central Asia, pass Iran and finally to Turkey!
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So this is Gina. Being the more talkative one, it’s not a surprise that i’m the voice behind this blog. I was a city girl leading an ordinary life before I met Daniel. He introduced me to a whole new world of travel and ever since then, i’ve never looked back. Graduated in 2010 from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with a Bachelor of Accountancy, i realized that i didn’t want a career in Accountancy. Yes, the knowledge gained from the degree is invaluable, but this is not what i wanted to do. So i  moved on to try different types of jobs in all sorts of industry. From my short stint of marketing in Vietnam, to the fashion retail industry and then events management. But still, none of it stirred me. Only travel truly excites me. I love trying new things and to challenge myself. I’ve taken part in several races, half marathon, trail run, triathlon, scaled Mt Rinjani and am currently into Muay Thai. I embrace new experiences. I also love animals, especially dogs, and nature too 🙂



And this is Daniel, I am the man behind the photographs and videos you see. Having graduated from the same school as Gina, majoring in a Bachelor of Digital Filmmaking, I try to put what I studied to good use. I enjoy adventures, taking calculated risks, and the outdoors. Thus I try to fuse my passion together with what I love. To live, is to be able to feel alive. I believe that education is part of an on going process, and travelling is an important part of character building. Being able to experience the different cultures and to be placed in uncomfortable situations, helps us to view the world differently. Most importantly, I hope  we would be able to inspire people to travel, to explore and to discover the world, through our journey, and through our content.