Footprints Across Asia


In August 2014 we begin our Footprints Across Asia journey, we started from China, went through the vast Mongolian plains, into the harsh winters of Central Asia, north into the Kingdoms of Armenia and Georgia and finally into Turkey, towards Istanbul over a span of 279 days. During our journey, we took awe inspiring photos of beautiful landscapes, amazing videos of the local culture and immersed ourselves in every culture that we came across. We slept in tents, couch-surfed, ate local food, took public transport, all on a rather tight travel budget.


We scaled the sacred Buddhist mountains of China, explore the monuments and minarets of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, stayed in a Yurk in Mongolia, interacted with the nomads at the deserts in Iran, visited the ruins of Ephesus in Turkey and more!


Find out all about our travels from the posts below!