Sunrise Odyssey’s Guide to Travelling Central Asia

The grand question of it all when it comes to Central Asia, where in the world is it? The next grand question of all is, is there even anything to do there? Well, we were asking ourselves the same question, because honestly before we embarked on this trip, we have also never heard of these(…)

How To Apply Visas For Central Asia, Iran & Armenia

Our experience on applying for visas to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran & Armenia. Includes useful tips, the location of the embassy, documents needed, how long it took and the difficulty level of applying for the visa.

Skiing and Snowboarding in Central Asia

We had the best time of our lives skiing and snowboarding in the best ski resort in Karakol! Fresh soft snow, wide slopes of different gradients, few tourists and amazing service!

Our Favourite Treks of Twenty-Fourteen

Some of our most memorable and interesting treks of the year. Trekking in different seasons and terrains, these 5 places definitely rank top on our list.

The Frozen Waterfall of Ala-Archa Kyrgyzstan

After our first winter trek at Kegeti Gorge, we were really excited for our next trek to Ala-Archa Kyrgyzstan, another famous highlight! We actually planned for a 2D1N trek to Ala-Archa and Ak-Sai where we supposed to sleep at the hut at 3300m. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it. Trekking through snow was sooooo challenging 🙁(…)