[REVIEW] Top 5 reasons why you should stay at De Capoc in Khao Kho

Recently we were invited to stay at De Capoc Resort and had a really good and relaxing time there! If you’re still searching for a resort to stay at in Khao Kho, here’s why you should seriously consider staying at De Capoc resort!

1. Spacious rooms with amazing views

We stayed in the deluxe room and what we liked about it was that it’s super spacious! And there’s a nice balcony for you to chill at too! The architecture was very modern, clean and cozy!

Before you go wow-ing at our room, just have a look at the villa – it’s breathtakingly beautiful! There’s even a “hammock” in the balcony where you could just lie there, watch the sunset and feel the breeze grazing your skin! We also liked how there was like a physical tree within the room! Talk abt being right there in nature. 

2. Authentic and super good local food!

Honestly speaking, this reason alone can be a good enough reason to stay here! Both dinner & breakfast were great! For dinner, we had the De Capoc pizza (thin crust, highly recommended!), chicken wings, tom yum soup (omg this was too good!!) and the pork vermicelli salad! Sadly we were too full for desserts! Pricing is pretty reasonable too! Maybe ard SGD5 for a plate of local dish, and SGD12 for the pizza.

Breakfast spread was sumptuous too! We really loved their fried rice which was soooo tasty and the pork porridge! 

Tip: If you prefer dining outside of the resort, you can ask the staff to give you a lift to the main street (abt 5mins drive) where they have some local restaurants there. There’s 7-11 at the main street too! (We LOVE 7-11 in Thailand!)

3. Gorgeous outdoor infinity pool for a relaxing swim

The pool’s really beautiful and makes it such a good photo spot too! Would have loved to swim in it but the wind was too strong when we were there! But nonetheless, we had a good time posing for photos at the pool! 

4. Excellent top notch service

Us with Tong, the owner of the resort. Very friendly and helpful chap! 🙂

The staff at De Capoc were really friendly and helpful! You just need to tell them what you need, and they’ll try their best to help you if they can! Just like for example if you need to get to 7-11, they’ll offer a free ride to the main street for you to buy your stuff!

5. Great location – best of both worlds

The attractions of Khao Kho are mostly split into 2 sections, north & south. North attractions include places like Phu Tab Boek, Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park, Wat Phasornkaew. South will be Khao Kho view point, Sri Dit Waterfall, and the war museum. And De Capoc is located right in the middle between the north and south attractions. 

Have you stayed at De Capoc before? Would you recommend it? Do share your experience with us in the comments below!