Sunrise Odyssey’s Guide to Travelling Central Asia

The grand question of it all when it comes to Central Asia, where in the world is it? The next grand question of all is, is there even anything to do there? Well, we were asking ourselves the same question, because honestly before we embarked on this trip, we have also never heard of these(…)

How To Apply Visas For Central Asia, Iran & Armenia

Our experience on applying for visas to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran & Armenia. Includes useful tips, the location of the embassy, documents needed, how long it took and the difficulty level of applying for the visa.

Part 1: Cruising Along The Pamir Highway In Tajikistan

Our journey along the “roof of the world”-Pamir Highway in Tajikistan where we spotted super rare Marco Polo Sheep, experienced the coldest temperatures (-38°C) and explored ancient petroglyphs. Check out our experiment where we tried to make snow from boiling water.