A must-visit in Iran, Qeshm Island

Our experience on visiting the Geopark (Namakdan Cave and Chahkooh Canyon) at Qeshm Island, one of our most breathtaking and sublime experiences ever!

Inevitable Culture Shocks in Iran

Our experience on what it was like travelling in Iran, getting used to the culture shocks and our answer to whether Iran is safe for travel.

Mashhad – The holiest city in Iran

Our first stop in Iran, Mashhad, the holiest city. Our experience on visiting the holy Haram-e-Razavi and we were privileged to be able to enter the Golden Dome!

Visiting the Kaluts of Shahad Desert in Kerman

One of our most amazing experiences ever, visiting the humongous natural sand castles Kaluts in the Shahad Desert of Kerman, camping under the beautiful night sky and enjoying the most glorious sunrise ever!

Our First & Best Experience of Couch surfing in Iran

This was our first experience of couch surfing in Iran and it was one of the best that we’ve ever had! This family definitely affirmed the saying that Iranians are the most hospitable people ever!

The Captivating Bazaars of Iran [Photos]

We have always been fascinated with the intriguing beauty of the bazaars in Iran. The wide array of items sold, the stunning architecture, the vibrant colours of different spices and products and simply just soaking in the atmosphere!

How To Apply Visas For Central Asia, Iran & Armenia

Our experience on applying for visas to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran & Armenia. Includes useful tips, the location of the embassy, documents needed, how long it took and the difficulty level of applying for the visa.