Our First & Best Experience of Couch surfing in Iran

This was our first experience couch surfing in Iran and it was one of the best that we’ve ever had! There has been so much rave about Iranians’ genuine hospitality and the family that we couch surfed with affirmed that saying. Mosslem really went out of his way to make us feel extremely welcomed in his home and even took time off his busy work schedule to show us around his beautiful city!


Privileged to have a delicious traditional Iranian lunch with Mosslem and his family

We stayed with Mosslem and his beautiful family in Kerman and they were extremely warm, hospitable and helpful. Mosslem has 4 beautiful and cute children, Leila (14 yrs old), Kosan (9yrs old), Sakhra (7 yrs old) and the cutest Mohamed (1 yr old). We felt quite bad actually because they only had 2 rooms in their apartment and they gave 1 room to us! We said that we could sleep in the living room but they insisted that we sleep in the room. So touched!

We originally planned to only stay for 2 days 1 night in Kerman. But after meeting Mosslem, we ended up spending 5 days 4 nights in Kerman! That’s one problem that most travellers will face in Iran, over staying and end up having to extend your visa. For us, the second half of our journey in Iran ended up rather rushed due to us happily spending too much time at the beginning.


Mosslem showing us his old photos



Showing them photos of Singapore and our local dishes

Mosslem was very kind to use his free time to bring us around his beautiful city the next day. We visited the bazaar, trekked up to the top of the Jungle Ghaam together with Mohammad, the Gonbad-e-Jabaliye (stone museum), Shah Nematollah and Garden of Shahzade.


Our 1 year old driver driving us around the city in Kerman! (kidding..)


At the top of Jungle Ghaam, tired after climbing the countless steps!


Another highlight of our stay in Kerman was getting to visit the Kaluts (natural huge sand castles formation) and camping at the Shad desert with Mosslem. It was so fun walking across the desert barefooted, feeling the cooling soft sand rubbing against our feet. The desert was so peaceful and devoid of tourists when we were there (probably because it was winter). Not forgetting the delectable chicken kebab that Mosslem cooked for us over charcoal fire.


Humongous natural sand formation in Kerman desert


Chit chatting under the stars by the campfire in the Shahad Desert

To show our appreciation towards Mosslem and his hospitable family, we decided to cook dinner for the entire family on our last night in his house. Guess what we cooked, our speciality of course – Gina & Daniel’s Special Singapore Fried Rice. Hopefully they enjoyed it!


Proudly presenting to you – Gina & Daniel’s Special Singapore Fried Rice!


Very beautiful and loving family 🙂 We will miss you!

Thank you Mosslem and family for making our stay in Kerman so enjoyable and memorable! We hope to visit you one day again! Or maybe we might meet each other in Singapore! 🙂

Have you couched surfed in Iran before? Share with us your experience in the comments below!