Diving in Bali with Giant Fishes!

So recently, Daniel and i went on a leisure dive trip with our friends at Tulamben in Bali with Tulamben Wreck Divers! It was our first time diving in Bali with giant fishes and definitely one of the most memorable dive trip for us thus far! We saw sooo many magnificent and awesome sea creatures! Ranging from cute tiny little Pygmy Seahorse to huuuugeee Bumphead Parrrot Fish! Visibility was also very good! We did a wreck dive, wall dive, coral garden dive and night dive. Total of 6 dives in 2 days!

Highlights of our leisure dive escapade in Tulamben!

Wreck Dive. This was a hugggge ship that was docked at the shore when it sunk! Hence it was really near to the shore. We could just swim from the shore to the wreck itself. It was a little scary as we glided through small holes of the ship and explored within the ship itself…but very fun! It was really a test of our buoyancy. Also, we spotted schools of huge bumphead parrot fish and other fishes during our second dive at the wreck!

Dive 088
All hail the captain!Dive 499Dive 450Dive 445Dive 461
Photobombed by the fish!Dive 315Dive 306

Coral Garden Dive. Spotted really colourful fishes, pretty nudi branches and the rarely sighted Pygmy Seahorse!

Dive 353Dive 042Dive 493Dive 242Dive 220Dive 194Dive 198Dive 180Dive 150Shrimp helping to clean teeth!Dive 128

Wall Dive. Very fun to see the fishes swimming vertically as they assume the vertical wall is their seabed!

Dive 109

Lastly, photos of us. Our dive master made us take awkward photos with sea fans and random corals.

Dive 466Dive 234

Oooh and to end this post, we saw this lady free diving! Looked damn cool! Apparently you can go up to 40m free diving (without your oxygen tank). Definitely going on our bucket list! 😀

Dive 335

Important information

*For those heading to Bali, do note that there’s a airport tax fee of 200,000 Rupiah when departing!

Tulamben Wreck Divers

Daniel and me chose the Fun Dive package that cost USD$285. Fees included:

  • 3 nights in Penthouse Suites (free upgrade from superior room) with air con, hot/cold water, fridge, daily breakfast, free wifi, tax & service.
  • Arrival and departure transfers from Bali Denpasar Airport
  • 6 day dives with dive guide and dive gear, except BCD & reg which can be hired for US$5 per item/per person/per day
  • Tulamben porter fees and dive tax

For those of you keen on taking your dive certification in Tulamben, do check out the detailed post by my friend, Hendric, at his website! He and 2 other friends took the advance dive course there and had an awesome experience! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed viewing our dive photos! Do share in the comments below if you’ve dived in Bali before too or are planning to make a trip to dive in Bali soon! 🙂