8 Reasons Why Malaysia Should Be Next On Your Bucket List

For us Singaporeans, Malaysia’s only less than 2 hours flight away. There’s no need to venture out far for your next adventure! Here’s why you should consider Malaysia as your next weekend getaway.

1. A wide variety of trekking routes for you to choose from

Whether it’s your first time or 100th time trekking, there’s always a mountain for you to climb in Malaysia. For beginners, Mount Kinabalu would be a great starter as the path is relatively well paved and safe and you can complete it in 2 days 1 night. However, it’s still challenging with an altitude of 4,100m and you will still need to train for it. For the more advanced climbers, you can consider climbing Gunung Tahan which takes 9 arduous days to complete!

2. Enjoy amazing summit views after you’re done trekking

The good thing about trekking in Malaysia, is the views that come with it. Especially if you’re planning on trekking Mount Kinabalu, you will be rewarded with spectacular views at the summit. Aim to reach before sunrise to witness the most gorgeous sunrise ever from the summit.

3. Dive with hammerhead sharks and a million other fishes

If you’re not a fan of mountains, and you’d prefer being underwater, you will love it here too! Our favourite would be diving in Sipadan, where we had one of the most amazing dive experiences ever! We were in the middle of a Jackfish storm and also, it was our first time seeing so many sharks!

4. Explore the mystical caves of Sarawak

There are just so many caves to explore in Sarawak. But the strange thing is that we never get bored of it, even after visiting our 7th cave! Each cave is so unique and interesting in its own ways! One of our favourite caves has got to be the Fairy Cave in Sawarak. The entire feel of the place was very magical and fairy tale like. We were so amazed to see so much greenery inside a cave!

5. Immerse yourself in the local culture

For those that prefer a more cultural experience, there are many temples in Malaysia that you can visit. One of the more recent temples that we visited was Pu Ji Shi temple in Sandakan. The temple was located at the top of a hill and you will get to enjoy the magnificent view of the city.

6. All foodies will definitely love it here – no doubt about that

The local food here is seriously the best. We don’t even know where to start. From the local’s version of bak ku teh, to their kolo mee, even their usual wonton mee is very delicious. Not forgetting affordable too! You can check out our favourite top 5 must try foods in Sandakan!

7. Surround yourself with beautiful wildlife and nature

Animal lovers, you have to visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitan Centre. This centre takes in orphaned or injured orangutans and nurse them back to health before releasing them into the wild. It was such an amazing experience seeing these cute orangutans up close! Do check out our post on recommended things to do in Sandakan!

8. Simply relax at the Maldives of South East Asia

For those looking for a cheaper alternative to Maldives, you can consider visiting Manukan Island in Sabah! The water there is really clear and the sand is so soft and white! For those with a bigger pocket, you can consider staying at Manukan Island Resort as they have their own private beach and you don’t have to deal with the crowd! Alternatively, if you’re restricted by budget and time, you can also hop on a day tour to Manukan to enjoy the beach and their activities before heading back to the city! It’s only a 10 minutes ferry ride away from Kota Kinabalu!

How to get to the above places in Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines flies directly to Kota Kinabalu/Miri/Sandakan/Kuching and their flights are estimated around 2 hours away from Singapore! Check out the best MAS online booking you can get now!

How to book your accommodation in Malaysia

You can book your hotel using Traveloka, where you can easily filter your selection by location or price range! One good thing about booking with them is that the pricing you find on their webpage is the actual price with no hidden charges or taxes. A lot of the other booking sites are not as transparent with their prices.