Our Favourite Top 5 Must-Try Foods In Sandakan

All foodies will love it here at Sandakan; the local food is sooo good and cheap! Here’s our top 5 favourite foods in Sandakan!

Bak Ku Teh

Fans of bak ku teh, you will love it here! The local bak ku teh is so good! Singapore’s bak ku teh is a lot more peppery as compared to the one Sandakan. For those interested to know, we ate at Syn Lok. Located near the water village in Sandakan city centre.

Leong Fun Bing (Grass Jelly Milk Tea)

This is the bomb when the weather is scorching hot! The drink is a mixture of condense milk, water and grass jelly. Sounds so simple and unspecial right? But for some reason, it is DELICIOUS! It’s soooo good that 1 packet is not enough. Really.

Best drink ever especially on hot days!

At a small shop near the Pu Ji Shi temple. it’s quite hard to describe the exact location though :/

UFO tart

It’s so cute how the locals thought of UFO when they made this tart, hence its name. It’s a tad too sweet for our liking though. Almost like an egg tart, but with a dollop of whip cream and caramel on the top! Can imagine how sweet it tastes yeah?

Springy Noodles

Most locals usually have this spring noodles for breakfast! The noodles were handmade and turned out to be so springy! (probably that’s how its name was derived) This was definitely one of our top favourites!

Tip: Skip your hotel breakfast and have the spring noodles for breakfast instead! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

We had the noodles at this local restaurant near the water village in Sandakan

Cheap & Fresh Seafood

Sandakan is located right next to the sea, so you can imagine how fresh the seafood is! Any fresher, you will have to catch it on your own 😉

Huge succulent prawns! So juicy and good!

Any fans of crab out there? This was absolutely finger licking good!!

Straight from the sea! Cheap and fresh seafood is a must eat in Sabah!

Any other must-try food that we should add to the list above? Share it with us in the comments below! 🙂