6 Awesome Ways To Get The Most Out Of Nepal

We’re so glad that we finally get to visit Nepal and so impressed to see how this country has bounced back to where she is today after the tragedy that struck them in 2015.


1. Explore the labyrinths of dusty Kathmandu


It’s hard to tell that just 1 year ago, this city was hit by the earthquake which killed thousands. The people were as cheerful, living their lives as usual. Also a great place to stock up on your last minute essentials before you head off for your trek! It’s almost like a shopping paradise for outdoor lovers.

2. Enjoy wildlife sighting at Chitwan National Park


Gorgeous sunset at Chitwan National Park

We’ve always wanted to visit the safari in Africa but it’s really costly and we’re still saving up for it! For now we’ll have to make do with the safari here in Nepal, which turned out really good! We saw plenty of wildlife ranging from crocodiles, rhinos, deer, birds, elephants and more! Check out our post for our full experience at Chitwan National Park!


Please don’t ride these elephants, see blog post link above for more info

2. Scream your lungs out at the 3rd highest bungy in the world


Rule number 1: never look down

This has gotta be one of the most exciting experiences ever for us! This bungy is the 3rd highest in the world; imaging jumping off this platform at 160m above the river! It was exhilrating! Daniel did the bungy and we both did the canyon swing together. The canyon swing was a different kind of scary but also very fun. The adrenaline rush after doing it was sky high.

For adventure lovers, you will love Nepal – check out our post on Nepal, The Ultimate Adventure Destination.

3. Push yourself to your limits and trek to Everest Base Camp

photo_2016 12 06_14 56 57

Finally after 9 arduous days of trekking, we made it to EBC.

We really encourage everyone to attempt a multi-day trek at least once in their lives. The experience is vastly different from a short 2-3 days hike. The Himalayas is an excellent place for a multi-day hike and there’s a wide array of choices! Hiking for 2 weeks at a high altitude in sub zero temperatures is really not easy and mental strength is extremely important.

Check out our full experience on trekking to Everest Base Camp!

4. Witness the most beautiful sunrise at Nagarkot


One of the mot beautiful sunrises that we’ve ever witnessed

For those who prefer travelling off the beaten path like us, do include Nagarkot in your itinerary! This place is sublime for watching sunset/sunrise! You will also get to enjoy the view of the entire range of the Himalayas here. Or if you prefer to do shorter treks, there are plenty of short treks here which still allow you to enjoy the full view of the Himalayan range.

Tip: for the best sunrise viewing spot, skip the viewing tower and instead take one of the exits earlier before reaching the tower. The tower was congested with too many people and it wasn’t the best place for a nice photo. Alternatively for a perfect view of the Himalayas, go for the 360 panorama trekking route instead.

5. Discover the hidden gems of Pokhara


Enjoying our time together at Bejnas Lake where it’s less crowded

If you’re heading to Nepal, please put aside at least 3 days for Pokhara, it’s a must! We kind of prefer Pokhara to Kathmandu actually, maybe also because it’s less crowded and dusty here in Pokhara. There’s so much to explore in this beautiful city and you get to enjoy the view of the Himalayas from here! Usually people head to Pokhara as it’s the start point for their Anapurna trek, but even if you’re not trekking, there’s so many other fun things to do in Pokhara!

Tip: Take the local bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara and experience the REAL way of travelling in Nepal. Trust me, this bus ride will be one helluva experience 😉

6. Immerse yourself in the streets of Bhaktapur


At Bhaktapur Durbar Square that was damaged quite badly by the earthquake

We visited Bhaktapur as we wanted to catch a bus to Nargakot. The atmosphere here was strangely unsettling and yet calming at the same time. The empty streets, dust-filled air, unfinished buildings and rambling sounds of construction trucks made this place quite unforgettable. Only shortfall is that there’s a hefty entrance fee of 1,500rupees. Would still recommend this place if you have time (and money) to spare!

Essential Information

Where we stayed at in Kathmandu:

Shree Tibet Family Guesthouse
$3-4/bed in a mixed dorm, shared bathroom
Excellent location, right in the middle of Thamel street. But it’s also very near the pubs and restaurants and it can get quite noisy at night till about 10pm.

How we got to Nepal from Singapore:

Malindo Air, $450/pax for return tickets (1 stopover at KL).

Tip: For cheaper flights, use Sky Scanner‘s price alert function to monitor the flight tickets and they will notify you when prices drop.