5 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Visit New Zealand

Looking back at our beautiful memories of New Zealand, we really do miss this country! So many wonderful moments spent here, from satisfying our adventurous souls, healing our soul with nature and simply breathing in every inch of this amazing country. Here are our 5 compelling reasons why you must visit New Zealand! (Bonus – details at the end of the post on how you can win a 7D6N all-expense-paid trip to New Zealand for 2, which includes travelling in style via Singapore Airlines Suites!)

1. Be at one with Mother Nature.

We did a road trip on both islands of New Zealand and seriously, you really see sheep and cows almost anywhere during the drive except of course when in the city. Enjoy the scenic drive of vast green pastures, endless winding roads, pretty blue skies and beautiful rolling white fluffy clouds.


Take a break while cycling to simply breathe in the wonders of the world


Because when you jump, I jump


2. Satisfy your adventurous soul.

There’s an adventure here for everyone in New Zealand! Be it bungee, skydive, black or white water rafting, ice climbing, horse riding, fishing, the list never ends! And where else to do such an activity with perfect landscape? On good days when you’re sky diving, you can have an amazing aerial view of both North and South island!


3. Have the best road trip of your life.

We rented a campervan and drove down from North Island to South Island, one of the best road trips that we’ve ever had in our lives! The spontaneity was so awesome, you have the freedom to drive to anywhere, stop anytime you like, and basically do anything you like!


“My favourite part of the road trip is being able to just stop anytime anywhere to simply take a photo of the breathtaking scenery or to have lunch!”


4. Hike the “Great Walk” of the World.

New Zealand has some of the world’s best walks and it’s definitely a must do if you’re here! Especially if you’re into hiking and nature. We went for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing trek but unfortunately lady luck wasn’t on our side. The weather was so terrible and we were kinda caught in a storm :/ We will be back again!


Photo of the Tongariro Crossing on a good day. Photo credits: ezperienza.files.wordpress.com


Our unfortunate experience of the Tongariro trek in bad weather 🙁

5. Experience the Maori Culture.

The Maori people are believed to be the indigenous people of New Zealand. One of our favourites was getting to watch the Maori war dance aka Haka. The Haka was traditionally used as a war dance on the battlefield where it’s a display of the strength and unity of the tribe. Today, you might get to see this being performed if you’ve into watching rugby matches.

205351_10151001042320560_1153341126_n (1)

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