Top Adventures in New Zealand

If sky diving, bungy jumping, ice climbing, white water rafting and black water rafting are on your bucket list, then NZ is the perfect place to tick all of that off your list of top adventures in New Zealand!

1. Sky Diving

Sky diving was definitely one of the most thrilling experiences that we’ve had thus far! And where else better than New Zealand to sky dive!


2. Bungy Jump

Yes it should be Bungy, and not Bungee. Bungy is really one of the scariest experience that we’ve ever accomplished in our lives. It’s 10 times more nerve wrecking then sky diving! As the saying goes, buy the ticket, take the ride. No backing out after the ticket has been bought.  


3. Sea Kayaking at Abel Tasman National Park

Craving for some peaceful and tranquil moments? Sea kayaking at Abel Tasman would be just perfect. The moment you’re out there in the deep sea, surrounded by the vast ocean, hearing nothing but the splashes made by your own paddles, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.


4.  Tongariro Alpine Crossing

One of the world’s renowned treks. Unfortunately we went at a time when the weather wasn’t too favourable for the trek. But nonetheless, it was literally a breath taking experience for us. Read on to find out why!


5. White Water Rafting

We have always wanted to do white water rafting, and again, no where else better to do it than NZ.  But so anyway, we decide to go for a 5 star (most challenging) white water rafting adventure at  Kaitiaki Adventures.


6. Otago Rail Trail

And so, we continued our entirely spontaneous journey by taking on the Otago Rail Trail, a 2 days cycling expedition. We cycled through old gold mining towns, into long dark tunnels and across absolutely breathtaking Otago scenery. But of course, what’s life without some excitement and adventure. As always, we found ourselves in some unexpected crisis the second day.


7. Ice Climbing at Fox Glacier

We both tried rock climbing before and wondered how difficult ice climbing would be! So we decided to take on the challenge and to give ice climbing a try! My gosh….it was really quite a tough feat! But definitely worth the try!


If you’ve had any other exciting adventures in NZ that we missed out, do share in the comments below and tell us about it! We would love to hear about your experience too 🙂