Sky Diving in New Zealand Lake Taupo

Sky Diving has always been on our bucket list…kinda one of those “must dos” in life. Where else better than sky diving in New Zealand!

So, we did our sky dive at  Lake Taupo  in NZ. We paid around SGD$500 each for the sky dive plus video & photos. You can check out their  website  for more detailed pricing packages. If you’ve never tried sky diving before, you really ought to! It’s definitely one of the best experiences of our lives! From the moment they dress you up in that astronaut looking suit, to going up the small aircraft, and then tumbling freefall over the world’s most beautiful dropzone! If the skies are clear, you should be able to see both North Island and South Island while sky diving. Watch our sky diving video below  or let the photos do the talking…enjoy!