10 Delicacies Worth Flying To Sarawak For

If you’re a foodie, you will definitely enjoy feasting in Sarawak! Cheap and delicious! Here are 10 must try local dishes if you’re ever visiting Sarawak!

1. Oyster Pancake

Similar to the fried oyster egg in Singapore, but theirs is a crispy pancake instead of the starchy egg. Not too bad, worth a try, an interesting twist to the oyster egg.


Oyster egg? No, it’s oyster pancake!

2. Teh C Peng Special (3 Layered Tea)

This is the bomb! Super nice! Somewhat similar to our teh peng in Singapore, except that they use palm sugar instead of condensed milk. It’s so nice that we bought back a whole bottle of the palm sugar to make our own teh c peng special.



3. Sarawak Laksa

This is one of Sarawak’s most popular local dishes. We personally didn’t really like it that much, taste abit like mee siam? There’s no coconut milk in the Sarawak laksa unlike the laksa in Singapore. But still, you have to try it to understand why it’s so popular!


Sarawak laksa! Sadly no hum though 🙁

4. Mani Chai with Eggs

My favourite vegetable dish in Sarawak, super yummy! Seems like it’s a local favourite too? Every time we dine with a local, they will definitely order this dish for us.


Fried mani chai with eggs! Yums!

5. Kek Lapis

Look at that rainbow assortment of colours! If you’ve a sweet tooth, then you definitely must try this. They are so creative and they actually came up with more than 30 different flavours! These kek lapis are usually home baked and they have interesting flavours such as bandung, horlicks, durian, strawberry cheesecake and a lot more. Normally they will offer you this sampling tray where you can try every single flavour before buying!

Tip: Ask your driver to take you to the local home bakery across the waterfront in Kuching, they bake the best kek lapis according to our guide!


Too pretty to resist!

6. Street Market Snacks

If you visit a local market in Kuching, you will definitely find these vendors selling all sorts of fried snacks and kuehs. They’re absolutely delicious and also cheap! Usually it’ll cost you only 1 RM for 3 pieces!


I really love the sweet kuehs! My favourite!

7. Chicken In Bamboo

Another local delicacy where they will put the chicken meat inside the bamboo and cook it over the fire. The chicken meat ends up really soft and tender with the meat sliding off the bones easily. They usually cook it with their local wild ginger which taste different from the ginger here in Singapore also.


Chicken in Bamboo!

8. Kolo Mee

This is definitely a must try! The noodles taste really springy and tasty! Actually it tastes similar to wonton mee in Singapore, but the noodles is slightly different. Also according to a local, the more “wrinkly” the noodles, the better it is!

Tip: the best kolo mee can be found in the open air market in Kuching!


Our favourite – kolo mee!

9. Sago Worms

YUMMMMYYYYYY! haha, hey the worms are not cheap you know. 1 basket of sago worms can get you 3 bowls of kolo mee! So well, Daniel’s usually the more daring one especially when experimenting with exotic food like this. And yes, he ate a huge juicy squirming worm alive!! EEEWWW! He said that it tasted like grapes except without the sweetness. I know, what a comparison right, I’ll never be able to look at grapes in the same way ever again.


Anybody hungry or craving for these juicy babies?!

10. Ais Krim Bergula Apong

Apparently this ice cream is really famous in Kuching! The queue was always so long regardless of the time that we were there! They serve home made ice cream (texture felt like yoghurt) and drizzle gula apong syrup all over it. You can also choose a topping (cornflakes, cookies or peanuts) to go with it.

Tip: The shop at the open air market should be not bad, the queue is always super long even at 10pm on a random weekday night!


Ais Krim Gula Apong!

Did we miss out any? Do share with us in the comments below if your favourite Sarawak food is not listed above! 🙂