What It’s Like Travelling With An Extrovert

Travelling with an extrovert doesn’t really make any sense especially if you are an introvert. All you ever want is to be alone, to be at one with the environment.

But as time passes, an extrovert’s fresh new pair of lens would take you into a world so filled with colours and enrichment that travelling would never ever be the same again. Here’s my take on what it’s like travelling with an extrovert.

1. Your emotions and experiences are heightened to a whole new level


Exploring the Carlos Sand Blow of Gold Coast Australia

Gina being the extrovert is constantly full of energy. This also means that things I find mundane might actually be really exciting for her. And somehow these emotions tend to be quite contagious in affecting how I experience it myself.

When you are travelling with an extrovert, suddenly everything becomes much more exciting, food tastes much better (or worse), being cheated of $5 becomes a catastrophe and small achievements like catching the bus in time, become huge celebrations.

2. Moving around is a constant


In the depths of the jungle at Trus Madi

Most of the time waiting for the bus means sitting on the bench and reading a book. Not when you are travelling with an extrovert, waiting for the bus means wandering around, shopping at bus stations, finding something to eat, talking to strangers… Even if there is really nothing much to do, she is pacing to and fro in front of me while i sit still staring into nothing.

3. Short museum trips


Apparently mastering the art of looking attentive

Even though she can be interested in museums, her attention span is just too short for big museums. Be prepared to cut short your museum time by 80%. Most of the time we would not be walking at the same pace, and i will end up finding her at the exit way before me, and probably already happily talking to someone else.

4. A much quieter and sad world without her



Especially when it comes to longer travel trips, you would eventually become used to all the energy the extrovert is creating around you. Well, until she falls sick. Gina sleeps a lot when she is sick, it is like her body gets into a self-recovery mode, and when she does, my world takes a 180 degrees flip. Suddenly everything is quiet, the rainbow fades away, and you realise, damn, life is so different without her.

5. Your awkward socializing situations are over


That epic Altyn Arashan story

When it comes to talking to people, Gina is like my mouth. I’m not really sure if it is a introvert/extrovert kinda thing, but I will be just at her side nodding my head and observing the situation. And to me, i am really in my comfort zone; being able to ‘participate’ in the conversation but not actually conversing. I’m actually quite fine having 1 to 1 conversations, but when it comes to big groups of people, i rather take a step back.

On the other hand, Gina gets really excited when she talks to big groups, the more people, the more energised she is. Inversely, the more people, the more energy is being drained out of me. So towards the end of the day when we are back in our room, she usually becomes really tired while I become super awake.

6. You are unable to read your book… unless she is sleeping


Getting distracted by her phone after reading for 5 mins

I love reading when I travel, especially books related to the history of the destination I am in. Gina will try to accommodate me sometimes by reading her own book, but she will eventually fall asleep within 5 mins. Sometimes I would compromise by playing with her mobile board games, which would be able to keep up with her short attention span. Only after entertaining her and draining out her energy am I able to start on my solitary activities.

7. A different view of the world


Beautiful view of Rasht in Iran

I have travelled solo before and even though I am an introvert, too much solidarity can be overwhelming at times. Travelling with an extrovert brings along the best of both worlds especially since she is willing to give me space from time to time. You suddenly realise that there is so much more you can do when you travel with an extrovert, things that you might not have done if you were alone or with another introvert.

Talking to a stranger might lead to a great homestay experience, going to places you never thought you would if you were alone, and experiencing travel with that burst of energy that can never come from yourself.


Witnessing the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan

So if you haven’t tried travelling with an extrovert before, it’s time you give it a try. You might like it, you might dislike it. These are just some of the things I’ve discovered when travelling with Gina.

To be honest, I’m not even sure if this applies to all extroverts, so leave a comment if you think otherwise or have other characteristics you would like to share about travelling with an extrovert!

p.s: if you haven’t yet, check out Gina’s side of her story about what it is like travelling with an introvert!