Surfing in Bali like a Pro


We’ve heard that Bali has the best waters for surfing and we knew we had to head there! We’ve both always wanted to try surfing but never really had the chance to. Not many places have waters that are suitable for surfing in Bali, for the beginners at least.

We decided to head to Kuta Beach Bali for a short getaway to surf. After doing much research, we settled on Odyssey Surf School  . They were priced slightly more expensive than the others, but they are a lot more established and reputable. In such sports, safety comes first.

We really didn’t know what to expect as it was our first time surfing. But the receptionist claimed that usually by the first lesson, we will be able to at least stand on the surf board already. We could also just pay for 1 lesson first and if we decided to extend for 2 or 3 lessons, we can do so after the first lesson. In the end, we did 3 days of surfing, approximately 3 hours per lesson.

About 30 minutes of our first lesson was spent “surfing” on the sand. They’ll teach you the 3 important steps to surfing.

But first, you’ll have to learn the proper posture and positioning of standing on the board.


Start paddling when you see the wave approaching! Take in nice long strides, and increase the speed and intensity as the wave approaches.


Step 1. Prop yourself up on the board by straightening both arms.


Step 2.  Place your right foot forward, putting yourself in a semi squatting position with your arms still holding onto the board


Step 3.  Stand up on both feet, with your knees slightly bent, and your back straight. And try to BALANCE!


Essential Information:

Odyssey Surf School
3 days lessons: US$95/pax
We chose the group package. But they had enough instructors and in the end, it’s 1 instructor to 2 of us although it was supposed to be in a group of 4.

We stayed at  Melasti  Beach Bungalows & Spa Hotel. We booked our accommodation online via and paid only US$140.58 for 3 nights for the 2 of us.    Decent place to stay at and relatively near to the beach, approximately 10 minutes walk.