2 Day 1 Night Trek + Home Stay in Laos

This 2D1N Trek + Home stay in Laos was definitely another highlight of our Laos trip.

We randomly came across this small stall that advertised for home stay at the village in Laos. Feeling spontaneous, we  booked our trek + home stay package with them there and then.

We started off with a trek up to the village. It was a relatively easy trek. We left our bags at the agency and carried only a day pack.


Lunching the local style. The locals there eat with their hands. And our food was served on banana leaves. Everything was biodegradable. Once we were done, our guide wrapped up everything and simply threw it into the bushes. Convenient, easy and eco-friendly!


Along the way we stopped at a school in the village. The kids there were adorable. They were so easily contented and they find joy in the simplest things in life.


Soon we reached the village. It was beautiful. This village felt very untouched, and surreal. We heard from the village chief that we were the first travellers there at their village who were doing the home stay. It was all mud ground and the wooden houses were built on stilts. There were sewage canals dug into the ground and you can literally see human waste floating down the canal.


The only toilet in this entire village


Our home for the night! We got to stay at the village chief’s house. This was how their living room looked like and also where we slept. We ate dinner with the village chief and his family and tried their home made wine which was very potent!


It was really a great experiencing the “village life” in Laos. The people there were so innocent and genuine. For once we were totally off the grid with no wifi connection or television to distract us. It was just us and nature. It was magical.