Spelunking Adventure at Ugong Rock in Sabang

For all adventure lovers, do consider checking out Ugong Rock if you’re already planning on heading to Puerto Princesa for the Underground River tour. We did both the spelunking adventure as well as the superman & bike zipline adventure. So here’s how our little adventure went!


Fun fact: Ugong means “sound” in tagalog. A sound will be produced when you hit the rock at the cave. 

We started off with the bamboo zip-bike which was located near the caving adventure. This was a new addition to the Ugong Rock adventures. It was pretty interesting “cycling” in the sky. It was a quite fun albeit a little short. But you will cycle there and back to the starting point. Worth the try if you’re there!

Cost: 350pesos per pax.


Bamboo zip-bike adventure at Ugong Rock!

Usually the more popular zipline was the superman zipline. We felt that the superman zipline was more fun than the zip-bike as it was a lot faster as well. Definitely a must do!

Cost: 350pesos per pax.


Superman Zipline at Ugong Rock!

Next up would be the spelunking adventure, overall it was much shorter and simpler than expected. The entire process lasted maybe 15-20minutes only? Our past caving adventures at other places last for at least a couple of hours usually! Still it was a good and fun workout and we found ourselves breaking out in sweat at the end of it.

Cost: 200pesos per pax.


Tip: Do not bring a big bag as we were told to bring along our bag into the cave as well. And some of the passage ways of the cave were quite narrow and we had a little of problem with our bags. This place didn’t seem to have any lockers.


Best to wear proper shoes with good grip!


Tip: Tf you’re short on time, you can also choose to combine both the Ugong Rock adventure and the Underground River tour in 1 day. We took only about 1.5 hours at Ugong Rock.

How to get to Ugong Rock from Sabang (12km away)

There will be a small Lexus booth at the bus terminal in Sabang. Just check with the guy at the booth for any bus that will pass by Ugong Rock. Bus leaves at 7.30am, 8.30am or 1pm onwards daily; bus fare costs 40pesos per pax.

Going there was no problem, it was returning to Sabang that was a little tricky. The guy told us that there will be many buses returning to Sabang around 11am-12pm. We just had to wait for the bus and hop on any. In the end we ended the caving adventure at 10.30am and waited till 12.30pm before the Lexus bus arrived and took us back to Sabang.

So if you’re heading to Puerto Princesa for the Underground River tour and have some time to spare, do check out Ugong Rock adventure! Have you been there before? Do share with us your experience in the comments below!