Guide to DIY Underground River Tour in Puerto Princesa

The Underground River tour in Puerto Princesa is definitely a must visit if you’re heading to Palawan. Here’s how you can DIY for the Underground River tour without paying a hefty fee to local tour agencies!

Where to purchase tickets for Underground River tour:

1. City Coliseum in Puerto Princesa City

2. Directly at Sabang

Tip: If you’re heading there during peak season, it would be safer to secure your tickets earlier at the City Coliseum in Puerto Princesa first before heading to Sabang. Rates are the same at both places.


Purchase your Underground River tickets at Puerto Princesa City Coliseum

How to get to Sabang from Puerto Princesa

By Van (200PHP, 2 hours)

There are plenty of different companies offering transfers via van. Our guesthouse’s owner arranged for us Lexus van transfer and they picked us up directly from our guesthouse.

Tip: If you’re choosy with the seat allocation or if you’re prone to motion sickness, remember to inform your booking agent to reserve either the front seats next to or directly behind the driver! Otherwise, you might be allocated lousy seats at the back which will be a very bumpy and nauseating journey for you!

Total cost of DIY Underground River Tour

Entrance Fee –  250PHP
Audio Device ( compulsory) – 85PHP
Environmental Fee – 40PHP
Boat Ride – 200PHP (if you managed to get at least 6 pax to share a boat). We didn’t have any difficult finding people to share the cost of the boat and we were there during off peak season!
Lexus Van transfer from Puerto Princesa to Sabang – 200PHP

Total cost per adult (foreigner): 775PHP

The cost savings is rather substantial as compared to going for a organised tour! Usually the cost of such tours will be around 1,500PHP if you go with a local agency. But of course, they have additional perks such as a sumptuous buffet for lunch (we aren’t big eaters anyway) and they also pick you up directly from your hotel. We just prefer having the flexibility of organising the trip on our own.


Rates of Underground River Tour

The tour itself is pretty much straightforward once you’re at Sabang, you will take the boat at the port which will bring you to the cave entrance. The Underground River tour takes around 2 hours in total including the boat ride to and fro from the cave entrance.

Tip: Bring along a poncho or waterproof jacket if you’re there during the rainy season or risk getting soaked like wet chickens like what happened to us!


Have you been to the Underground River? Would you recommend DIY or to go with a tour agency? Share with us your view in the comments below! 😀