[Product Review] Samsung Galaxy A8 as the Ideal Phone For Travelling

So recently we brought along our Samsung Galaxy A8 for an adventure packed trip in Sabah! We’ve heard lots of rave about the Samsung A8 being a very good travel companion. So here’s what we feel about the A8 as the ideal phone for travelling after using it.

1. Easy to carry around (Super slim body)


Despite being a relatively large phone (5.7 inch screen), it’s still one of the slimmest phone ever (5.9mm thin) compared to my previous phone which was an Iphone 5 (7.6mm). That makes it easy to fit into our pants pocket and to keep it by our side when we travel. And it’s really light too!

As the phone was only just recently launched, its covers have not been shipped to Singapore yet. So we had to travel with the phone without a cover. Amazingly, it proved to be really durable despite multiple falls. Oops. It also came out unscathed without any scratches! Quite a hardy phone!

2. Huge 5.7″ screen which doubles up as a tablet when travelling


You no longer have to bring an additional tablet/iPad (which shaves off some of your baggage weight) when travelling as this phone’s screen is large enough! Its 5.7inch screen is more than sufficient to read your emails comfortably, surf the net, play games, view photos taken during the trip and more. The only downside is that because of its large screen, it’s quite difficult to use the phone with only 1 hand.

3. Stay connected all the time with the dual sim slot


This is really very useful for travelling especially if you wish to be connected on the go. When we travel, we usually buy a local sim card and previously, we had to take out our Singapore sim card and slot in the local sim card. Which means we’re uncontactable via our Sg number when using the local sim card.

But now the amazing thing about this dual sim slot is that you can actually use both sims at the same time! Which means if someone from Singapore calls or messages you, you’ll still be able to receive them while being connected in the country that you’re in too! You can also view both countries’ respective time from the home screen.

4. Enjoy your photos and videos in great clarity and display


The A8 has a FHD SUPER AMOLED display which makes viewing of our travel photos and video so pleasurable! Also the camera is of superior quality with a 16MP high resolution rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera for taking selfies! Another fun feature of this phone is that you can take a selfie photo by using your palm to activate the camera. Just stretch your palm out facing the camera when you’re ready and the camera will automatically take a photo in a few seconds time! You can adjust the countdown timing for the selfie camera.


Oh and also, I’m a new convert from Apple to Android. And the best part is that Samsung made it extremely easy to switch over! There’s actually a cable that you can connect both your Iphone and Samsung phones together and directly port all the information over.

Overall we’re really impressed with the Samsung Galaxy A8 and being first time users of Samsung, we both agree that it’s really user friendly. The phone is available in 2 colours, gold and white. The phone was only recently launched on 1 Aug in Singapore and is currently retailing at most mobile shops in Singapore. Best part of it all is that it’s one of Samsung’s more affordable range, so it’s really nice for budget travellers like us 🙂 Quickly go grab yours now! 🙂