Otago Rail Trail – 2 Days Cycling Expedition in NZ

And so, we continued our entirely spontaneous journey by taking on the Otago Rail Trail, a 2 days cycling expedition.

We cycled through old gold mining towns, into long dark tunnels and across absolutely breathtaking Otago scenery. But of course, what’s life without some excitement and adventure. As always, we found ourselves in some unexpected crisis the second day. Read on to find out more about the crisis we faced!

Getting ready for our 2 day cycling expedition! And yes, chomp on a banana first for the energy that you’ll need later! As you can see, we were all decked up in our thick jackets and all…temperature was pretty low and we were the only crazy ones going for this rail trail at this time of the year.


Cycling through the meadows, a sense of total tranquility. Just us and nature.


We had to get water from the river for us to use later to cook our meals. We did bring our own drinking water though. Don’t think it’s advisable to drink straight from the river water. We only used it to cook our meals and for washing up.


We had a good rest and we were all ready for the second leg of the journey. But before we knew it, the sky started to change…  


And soon it started to hail on us! And to make matters worse, Dan’s bicycle had a flat tyre! And we still had quite a long way more to go! We had to reach our destination by 5pm as there will be someone there to pick us up. We really struggled through and alternated between walking and cycling! It was impossible for Dan to cycle all the way with a flat tyre. The winds got so strong that we could even hardly cycle straight. It really felt like a hurricane!

But thank god, we did it.


Essential information
Otago Rail Trail
If i don’t recall wrongly, we paid about $100 each for the bikes for 2 days rental. We stayed in a tent, hence no need for accommodation.

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