Up Up and Away! Hot Air Balloon over Bagan

This is definitely another highlight of our Myanmar trip – on a hot air balloon over Bagan!FV7A0246

It was both our first time being in a hot air balloon and the experience was truly exhilarating! From the moment they started blasting fire into the balloon (we were so amazed at how the fire was almost touching the sides of the balloon but it didn’t of course), to the taking off of the balloon. It was just so indescribable! Random fact, the entire hot air balloon was really big and heavy! It required more than 10 guys to hold it up and to keep it stable. I was so amazed at how something sooo big and heavy can rise just using hot air!


The view from above was really majestic. The timing was also perfect. After our balloon started rising, we were wondering if we’ve missed the sunrise as it was already 7am and the sky looked quite bright. But before we knew it, at the corner of our eyes, we saw a large glowing sphere rising slowly into the sky, casting sunbeams across the thousands of pagodas.


Overall, as you can see from our happy faces, we were really pleased with the professionalism of Balloons Over Bagan. It’s actually a British operated company and we felt assured of our safety throughout the ride. Everything was well thought of and they even gave us a cap each to shade our eyes from the glaring sun. After the ride, we were presented with champagne/lime juice, croissants and banana cake! Awesome service! Only con is the price tag that came along with the awesome service. We paid $320 each. But for the awesome experience, i would say it’s worth every penny spent!