Ultimate Guide to Climbing Chadoe Cliff at Ko Adang

For the best view of Ko Lipe, trek up to the top of Chadoe Cliff at Ko Adang to get a bird eye’s view of the island! Here’s our step by step guide on how to get to the view point of Chadoe Cliff.

1. Hop on a taxi boat from Sunrise Beach

Just walk along Sunrise Beach and you’ll eventually see a sign that says Taxi Boat. Or if you can’t find, just ask any of the boat man or staff around and they will point you to the right direction.

The taxi boat stand is near a huge dumpster cargo

Just inform the boat man that you’ll like to go to Ko Adang and that you’ll need around 2 hours there. He will come back and pick you up when you’re done at the same point where he dropped you off. Ours was quite punctual and we didn’t have to wait long for him.

How long does it take from Ko Lipe to Ko Adang by boat: 15-20 minutes

How much does it cost: 100 baht/pax 1 way. (doesn’t matter how many pax on the boat, they still count per head).

2. Follow the signs to Chadoe Cliff

Once you alight from the boat at Ko Adang, head towards the visitor centre, and you will see a signboard like the one below. Follow the sign to Chadoe Cliff.

Keep walking straight on the path and you’ll see a restaurant on your right. That means you’re in the right direction.

Keep walking on the path till you see a sign that says Chadoe Cliff which leads you into your first entry into the forest. Be mentally prepared, the trail is quite challenging. The start itself is quite a steep climb and you might need to clamber your way up!

3. Follow the markings and stay on the trail

Along the way you will see yellow painted arrows like the one in the photo below.

Some parts are quite challenging, almost like an obstacle course. And that’s why it’s fun!

4. Look out for the “View Point” signboard

The first view point took us around 40 minutes to get there. The first point wasn’t the best as there were some trees  blocking the view. Don’t stay there for too long, the next view’s better!

View point 2 was not bad too, but we mainly took photos at view point 3!


Amazing view of Ko Lipe from Chadoe Cliff’s view point 3!

To get down, it was still quite tough as some parts were really steep and slippery! Thank god we had great weather. In total we took around 1.5 hours including time used for taking photos and to fly our drone. So 2 hours should be a safe estimate if you need to let your boat man know how much time you’ll need.

Hope the above guide is useful for you! For more details on Ko Lipe, do check out our post on why you should consider Ko Lipe for your next beach getaway! 😀