Guide To Buying The Right Type Of Travel Insurance

Here are some tips on choosing the right travel insurance depending on the type of traveller you are.

Buying the right travel insurance generally depends on the five things below.

  1. How much is your budget
  2. Where you are going
  3. Who you’re going with
  4. What you’ll be doing
  5. How often you travel

We’ve worked with Budget Direct Insurance Singapore to come up with four different profiles to help guide you when it comes to buying travel insurance.

The thrifty traveller

Every cent counts! Even before you start your adventure, the cost for flight and accommodation is already burning a hole in your pocket. How else are you going to afford insurance?


At least go for the Basic Package for your travel insurance. With this basic package, you are generally covered for most of the major things such as death, overseas medical expenses and loss of personal belongings but the payouts or claim amounts will be considerably less than comprehensive.

You might not be covered for travel inconveniences either such as trip cancellation or trip postponement. Save money yes but do take the time to understand where you’re cutting corners and whether this works for you.

The adrenaline junkie & adventurer

For a peace of mind, not just for yourself but for your loved ones back home as well. You need to know that you’re fully insured when you come skiing down those slopes or leaping off a cliff.


Best to select the Fully Comprehensive package! Especially if you’re planning on going skiing or snowboarding, research has shown that the two major factors that cause injuries are speed and faulty equipment. Knee ligament tears and strains, broken limbs and cuts and bruises are the most common snowboarding injuries.

At Budget Direct Insurance, leisure skiing and snowboarding on marked slopes with or without an instructor are covered by your policy. However, off-piste skiing is usually not covered by your travel insurance. Always check your policy!

The family vacation

You’re travelling as a family with two small kids. What’s the best insurance for you?


Families should never scrimp on travel insurance no matter how tight their budget. Always go for Comprehensive. You need a peace of mind that should something happen to the kids, at least they’ll be well looked after. Opt for family travel insurance, that way you can usually enjoy discounted premiums.

The short-term traveller

You travel three times a year but only go across to Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand. Do you need insurance?


Yes! Firstly, you need cover the moment you step out of Singapore. Otherwise you could be left high and dry. Think major medical bills or theft of belongings for starters. If you often travel three trips or more a year, then you should opt for Annual travel Insurance.

In the long-run it works out cheaper than the Single trip. And there’s no limit to the number of trips you can take just so long as each one is less than 90 days. Annual cover with Budget Direct Insurance starts as low as $11 a month.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good Travel cover. Unfortunately we’ve yet to find a comprehensive travel insurance that covers more than 90 days per trip! If you happen to know a good insurance that covers long term travel (6mths and more per trip), do let us know!

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