Don’t Miss Out on Zaragoza If You’re Heading to Barcelona from Madrid

Zaragoza is definitely a hidden gem as most travellers tend to miss out on this beautiful city when exploring Spain. If you’re planning a trip to both Madrid and Barcelona, you should consider adding a stop in between and stay a night at Zaragoza! This charming city certainly has lots to offer!

Bask in the beautiful Aljafería Palace

Aljafería Palace has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. Not surprising why, with its rich history and beautiful architecture. It was built by the Arabs back in the 11th century and was originally meant to be a summer palace. Hence you will see lots of greenery & water in this palace.

This place has changed ownership several times, but it’s still very well maintained and preserved till date. It was even once used as a military training ground for the soldiers and unfortunately that was the time that a large part of the building was destroyed. Thankfully after it was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the government started its restoration works and now we are able to visualise what this place used to be like when it was first built.

Enjoy the breathtaking view from the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar

This has gotta be one of the best places to get the most beautiful view of the city. We took a lift up to the top of the tower and were rewarded with this amazing view. Definitely worth it!

The interior of the cathedral was also really beautiful!

Tip: Head down to the bridge at the back of the basilica for a view of the basilica. Best time would be to go during sunset!

1 night stay in Zaragoza should be sufficient to experience the charm of this splendid city. Also it’ll be a great break to take between 2 major cities, Madrid and Barcelona. Have you been to Zaragoza before? Would you recommend 1 day to explore this city? Share with us your view in the comments below!