3D2N Itinerary for Madrid, Segovia & Zaragoza

With only 3 days in Madrid, here are our recommended things to do in Madrid which includes a day trip to Segovia & Zaragoza!

When in Madrid, enjoy a delicious tapas tour around the Old Quarters

One thing that we realised during this trip – Spain is all about Tapas. You’ll be able to find a tapas bar almost at every corner of the street! You won’t even need to search for it, just turn your head around and you’ll see one. So what better way to explore the city than to do a tapas tour! It’s a great way to experience the city’s culture & history, through their food! And it’s soooo delicious! We really loved the variety of tapas!

Most of the tapas bars are similar to the one in the photo above. Small and pretty crammed, with cocktail tables for people to stand around. Usually they only serve 3-4 dishes, and people drink them with wine. Tapas is kinda similar to finger food in my opinion. You can’t really get full from it. It’s more like a snack to go with your wine.

We had one of the most tasty & succulent garlic prawns ever in the tapas bar above. It was so simple, yet so good. The locals like eating the prawns with the bread, followed by a sip of their red wine.

People usually pair their tapas with wine. If you’re a wine lover, Spain is definitely a place that you must visit.

Jamón – the one thing that we ate almost every day in Spain

One of the most popular tapas is definitely the Jamón. It’s was our first time trying it and to be honest, it was kinda of an acquired taste. The taste is similar to very thin slices of ham, but a lot saltier.

Jamón’s not exactly raw meat, but neither is it cooked meat. It’s actually cured meat, meaning that the pork leg has been salted and left to hang dry for a couple of years. Ham from different pigs will cost differently, and the Iberian pigs (black pig) apparently cost the most!

Chocolate churrossssss!!! Our ultimate fav in this cold winter!

Tip: Head down to Chocolatería San Ginés where they serve the best choc churros ever!

Get transported back in time at Segovia

Segovia was one of our favourite places in Spain. A quaint little city nestled about an hour drive away from Madrid. If you are in Madrid, do make time for a day trip to Segovia!

Impressive Romanian Aqueduct

The aqueduct of Segovia

The iconic landmark of this place is the ancient Roman aqueduct which was built back in 1st century to transport water from the mountain to the city. This has gotta be one of the most impressive Roman architecture in Spain. This structure was built without the use of any cement, and it has stayed intact till now!

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Do Drop by Zaragoza if you’re heading to Barcelona!

Zaragoza is definitely a hidden gem as most travellers tend to miss out on this beautiful city when exploring Spain. If you’re planning a trip to both Madrid and Barcelona, you should consider adding a stop in between and stay a night at Zaragoza! This charming city certainly has lots to offer!

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View from the top of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar

Inside the Aljafería Palace

Have you visited any of these cities before? Which one is your favourite? Do share with us your comments below! 😀