Weekend in Bintan at FlyBoyz Beach Bar

Here’s to those who are looking for an exciting nearby getaway trip! Why not check out the newly opened 3 storeys FlyBoyz Beach Bar opened by the ‘Flying Dutchman’ in Bintan?


If you’re bored of the usual things to do in Singapore and are looking for a nice nearby getaway place to party or relax by the beach, you will love what we have to recommend to you. Recently we were invited by FlyBoyz to check out their newly opened F&B concept restaurant in Bintan and we had such a great time! Here’s why you should spend your next weekend at FlyBoyz too!

Sate your taste buds with their delicious homemade food & drinks

The location of the restaurant is so awesome, imagine dining while enjoying a beachfront view. One thing that’s really special about FlyBoyz is that they grow their own variety of herbs and spices in-house and really take pride in their yummy homemade dishes and drinks! Here are some of our highlights from their menu 🙂

Mangrove Madness


Might not look that appealing, but it’s one of the most refreshing and delicious drinks ever!

Our welcome drink that consists of spinach (yes not kidding!), orange, pineapple and lemon juice! This was our favourite drink out of the list actually, it was really refreshing and delicious! Especially with the weather being unbearably hot these days, all you need is really a glass of this Mangrove Madness that can instantly cool your body down and quench your thirst! A must drink!

Homemade bread and honey mustard


One of the best soft homemade bread that we’ve ever tasted in our lives!

One of the best bread that we’ve tasted in our lives. The bread was so soft and tender with a tinge of sweetness as you bite into it. Not forgetting the homemade honey mustard dip too, the combination is just perfect! Our only fear was eating too much of the bread and not having enough stomach space for the main course!

Big Boyz Burger


If you’re a meat lover, you will love the Big Boyz Burger. The freshly baked buns together with the homemade beef patty were really good. The meat was seasoned with BBQ sauce which gave it this sweet overall taste which went really well with the burger. This burger is huge though, if you’re a small eater, you might want to share this with someone.

Bintan worms (yes. very gross i know!)


Well, I was actually forced to eat this. haha. I tried running away from Mark (Flying Dutchman) but failed. While Daniel on the other hand happily rolled a really long disgusting worm around his fork and slowly savoured it. Yucks. We dare you to try it!

Dance, party and drink away!


The second floor of FlyBoyz is also known as the Hoobar bar where they play classic retro hits from the 70s-90s . Music is another speciality of FlyBoyz where both partners are great music lovers themselves. The resident live band, Boom Shakalaka, plays at the bar and we had so much fun dancing our hearts out to the catchy songs!


The guitarist in Boom Shakalaka is blind and he’s so superbly talented and can play not only the guitar but also the piano!

Their third floor is a cuban themed rooftop bar where they play Cuban Jazz and Salsa music. If you love salsa, you will definitely enjoy it here at FlyBoz where there’s even a huge dance floor for you to salsa your night away! If salsa’s not your thing, then you can simply chill at the rooftop bar and enjoy your special drinks while grooving to the cuban music.


Chill out under the beautiful starlit sky while sipping on your Mojito


Mr. Bartender in action!


Sipping on the really good Kopitini!


Another unique must try – the Ugly Pizza (that’s really the name!)

They have really unique and special drinks at the Cuban bar and one of our favourites is the ‘Kopitini’ which is basically vodka infused with expresso. It was really special and we felt that both flavours went really well together!

Calm your soul


This place, Treasure Bay, is going to be the next big thing in Bintan. The length of the entire bay is around 800m with the deepest point being 3m (where the bungee is going to be at). We can foresee that this place is going to be very happening within the next few years!


The reason why this place appears so blue and clear is because it’s really clean! It’s a man-made bay that uses filtered sea water. You can swim and soak in the ‘sea’ without having to endure the stingy bites that you sometimes get when you’re in the real sea where there are other organisms living in there.


Luxurious camp site at the mangroves

This place is perfect for honeymooners or anyone who wishes for a romantic getaway. Imagine camping amongst nature but yet in the comforts of a 5 star ‘tent’, hence, it’s known as the luxurious camping experience. Currently they’re still at phase 1 in constructing the place but eventually, these tents will be shifted to be in the middle of the mangrove, totally surrounded by nature. How cool is that!

For the adrenaline seekers, do keep your eye on this place! They have a whole line up of super exciting water sports coming up your way. Think bungee, water jetopack, cable ski, just to name a few. We can’t wait to try them too once the activities are ready!

Essential Information

Where to stay

Swiss-bel Hotel (Currently this is the only hotel available but there are a lot more hotels/resorts coming up soon at Lagoi Bay)

How to get here

Ferry from Tanah Merah terminal in Singapore
Around 45 minutes boat ride to Bintan
The hotel has a shuttle service that picks you up from the terminal straight to their hotel
About 5 minutes walking distance between Swiss-bel hotel and FlyBoyz

Thanks to FlyBoyz for hosting us over the weekend!