Top 3 must-dos in Barcelona (Including a day trip to Monsterrat!)

If you’re pressed for time and are only able to spend 2 days in this beautiful city, here are top 3 recommended must-dos in Barcelona!

Immerse yourself in the enchanted luxury Park Güell

Despite not being enthusiastic architecture fans, we still ended really enjoying ourselves and were fully in awe of this breathtaking luxury estate. This place was originally built for the rich living in Barcelona, away from the city centre.

Tip: Buy your tickets in advance as it’s almost always fully booked!

In the photos above, you can see how Gaudi likes using natural rocks of different sizes to design his works. His design is often inspired by nature, animals, water, waves, etc, with lots of curves and odd sized pieces being put together. The left photo above shows how the walkway was inspired by waves where the columns & ceiling were all slanted to one side.

The plan was to build 60 houses in total, but the plan backfired when the rich didn’t feel safe living away from the city centre’s security. In the end there were only 3 houses being built, and 1 of which became Gaudi’s home in his later years. Part of this place was designed by Gaudi, a renowned Spanish architect.

Gina posing with the famous lizard of Park Güell

In the photo above, Gina’s posing with the famous lizard which according to our guide, was supposed to be a charm located right at the main entrance to protect Park Güell. On the contrary, most of the people were still pretty conservative at that point in time and felt that this lizard was a little weird and they didn’t like it.

Get blown away by the unmissable magnificent La Sagrada Familia

The largest church in the world till date that seem to take forever to build. We’ve heard so much about this basilica from news, media, online, and everywhere else. Being able to stand right in front of it was really quite an amazing feeling! This church was designed by Gaudi, and it was his baby all the way till he departed this world. He spent almost all of his life working on this church!

Look at the insane amount of details! 

This church was built using purely donations, and for quite a long time, the funds were insufficient which brought the construction to a standstill. It was only in recent years when tourism really boomed for Barcelona and they started to have more funds for the construction of La Sagrada Familia again! Apparently now they are only left with 3 more years to fully complete this magnificent building! You really need to visit this place in person, photos aren’t adequate to describe how impressive this piece of work is!

Enjoy the picturesque views from the Montserrat Mountain

View from the Montserrat Mountain

We highly recommend taking a day trip the the Montserrat Mountain if you can spare the time. The views were really breathtaking! We were actually very lucky as according to our guide, most of the time it’s foggy! But we had a super clear view of the valley and the mountains!

Inside the basilica of Montserrat

We were really impressed by the interior architecture of the basilica. So beautifully and intricately designed.

View of the monastery from one of the hiking trails

Tip: If you have more time to spare, you can try the hiking trails here at the Montserrat Mountain! The routes are marked clearly and you can’t really get lost. A pity we were pressed for time and didn’t have time to hike. 

So that’s all from us for the must-dos in Barcelona! Do you guys agree with our list of must-dos? Do comment below if you have other recommendations!