The Ultimate Road Trip in Queensland

Recently we went on a road trip in Queensland and that trip really changed our perception towards this amazing place! It’s really so much more than just a family destination! Especially for those that prefer to take things at their own pace, Queensland is one of the best places to do so.


1. The World Heritage Drive (Hervey Bay – Lady Elliot Island)

We had such a great time whale watching at Hervey Bay! We never experienced whales swimming that close to us before! This time we had both mummy whale and her baby swimming and playing really close to our boat! Check out the photos below where the baby whale did a backflip and gave all of us a good laugh!

Do you know, the whale watching season lasts for 6 months (May to Nov) in Gold Coast?


On a boat in the middle of the vast blue ocean! Whales, where are you….


Ah ha! And then we spotted a whale! It swam even closer to us after that!

Fun fact: A fully grown adult humpback whale can weight up to 7,000kg?! That’s heavier than 5 adult elephants! 



And here we go…baby whale leaps midway out of the water


and does a backflip! PLOPPPP… whale crashes into the water

Tip: If you’re around at Hervey Bay and you have your own vehicle, go drive around and explore the area. We chanced upon this beautiful beach and witnessed one of the most gorgeous sunsets that we’ve ever seen in our lives 🙂


Stumbled upon this hidden gem while exploring Hervey Bay

Lady Elliot Island is a coral cay located at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. This tiny eco island is less than half square kilometre and you can walk the entire island in 30 minutes! Because this island is a highly protected “Green Zone’, it is also a haven for more than 1,000 over coral species, colourful marine life which includes huge manta rays and really adorable green turtles! 🙂


Amazing bird eye view of Lady Elliot Island from the plane!

Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef has always been on our bucket list! Finally, we can tick snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef off our bucket list (but we still want to dive there though)!

Tip: If you want to dive, stay at least for a night at the resort! We only did a day trip and sadly we couldn’t dive as we had to catch the plane back to Hervey Bay on the same day 🙁


Snorkelling with Mr. cute turtle at Lady Elliot!

2. The Great Beach Drive (Fraser Island)

For the other route which the other pair, Hendric and Amada, took, they drove up from Noosa Beach all the way to Fraser Island via a 4 wheel drive with Nomads Fraser Island Tours! We didn’t get to go on this route, but the adventures that they shared with us was amazing!

For a start, Fraser island is one of the most beautiful and largest sand island in the world! The entire tour was a 3D2N 4 wheel drive on Fraser Island and both Hendric and Amanda agreed that you need at least 3 days to get the full experience! One of the clearest waters that we’ve ever seen!


One of the clearest waters that we’ve ever seen! Photo taken by @Pohtecktoes


Here we go, 4 wheel drive at Fraser Beach! Photo credits: @Pohtecktoes

Overall, we were convinced that Fraser Island was a must go and we will definitely be back to Queensland to visit this gorgeous place! More details on their full experience at Fraser Island coming up soon on Pohtecktoes blog!

Essential Information

How to get to Lady Elliot Island:
We flew Scoot to Gold Coast, rented a car and drove all the way up north to Hervey Bay! From Hervey Bay, you have to catch a flight to Lady Elliot Island. We found it really easy to drive around in Australia. The people there seemed really friendly and road rage felt non-existent!

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Travel Period: 9 Oct 2015 – 26 Mar 2016

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our road trip adventures in Queensland! Have you done a road trip in Australia before? Share with us your experience in the comments below!