Jiuzhaigou – One of the World’s Most Beautiful Lakes

Never in our lives have we ever imagined to see such crystal clear water in the most beautiful shade of blue. We almost couldn’t believe our eyes! The water was so clear that you could see the fallen ancient tree trunks that criss crossed each other beneath the  water surface. No wonder Jiuzhaigou is renowned for being one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. We shall let the photos do the talking!


Magnificent 310 metre-wide waterfall at Jiuzhaigou, the Pearl Shoal Waterfalls!


Apparently there are still locals living in Jiuzhaigou, around 1,000 of them. But because of the protected nature of the park, agriculture is no longer permitted so the locals now rely on tourism and local government subsidies to make a living. Below’s the photo of the village that the locals reside in.


Unfortunately for us, we happened to visit Jiuzhaigou during the weekend and boy was it crazily packed with tourists! From the moment we alighted the bus, to queuing up for tickets and then exploring within the park itself, we were swarmed by hordes of tourists! So yes, if you can, try not to visit Jiuzhaigou or any other popular attraction during the weekends/public holidays/school holidays to avoid the crowd! 


Essential Information

How to go

Jiuzhaigou is located in the north of Sichuan, China. We took a bus to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu which cost us ¥145 p.p (USD$24)

How much

Entrance fee: ¥310 (USD$50.50, Most expensive attraction so far)

Where to stay

Self Help Youth Hostel
8 pax dormitory: ¥60 pp (USD$10)

Or if you prefer a fuss free experience, you can consider booking a Jiuzhaigou tour  instead! Usually they will arrange everything for you from the transport, to accommodation as well as entrance fees, depending on the package that you book with them.

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