Exploring Pulau Tiga, the Survivor Island

Some of you might find this place familiar, because this was the exact same place that was used to film the first series of the Survivor tv show! So anyway, this place was quite a good breakaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here are our recommended things to do in Pulau Tiga, the Survivor Island!


Will we survive the night….?

Hunt for the deadliest and most venomous snakes (not kidding)

So when our guide told us that we’ll be searching for the most venomous snake ever, I really thought he was kidding! But, nope. He was for real.


Apparently we were searching for the Banded Sea Krait snake and they love to hide amongst the rocks near the sea. So that was where we were heading to…


And we found it! Hidden in between 2 huge rocks. But according to our guide, these snakes were deadly but not aggressive. As long as you do not provoke it, you will be safe. We were considered quite lucky as we saw not 1 but almost 5 snakes in total! All in different locations of course.


Deadly and extremely venomous Banded Sea Krait snake spotted!

Island hop and snorkel amongst the colourful corals and fishes

After checking out the scary snakes, we proceeded to snorkel in the beautiful clear blue waters nearby and it was amazing! So many colourful fishes!

G0242112 (750x563)

G0332212 (750x563)

few seconds free diving! heheh

G0302179 (750x413)

Pamper yourself with a natural volcanic mud ‘spa’

Okay, this was definitely the highlight of Pulau Tiga! Omg, now we really understand why elephants or buffalos love rolling in mud so much. haha. It was such great fun! Because the mud was of a much higher density, we could easily float in it and not having to worry about sinking! Well, some of the locals say that the mud is really good for your face! And so….we coated a layer of mud mask on our face. haha

G0202079 (750x563)

Au naturel volcanic mud SPA!

Once you’re done having fun with the mud, it’s time to rinse it off in the sea!

G0222093 (750x563)

Artistic shot of us heading to the sea to rinse off all the mud!

It takes around 20 minutes to walk from the volcanic mud place to the sea. So by then, the mud on your body would have dried up and it does feel slightly uncomfortable. But once you jump into the sea, it feels so good! And the mud rinses off easily!

G0222099 (750x563)

The before shot

G0232104 (750x563)

The after shot! Shiok! Mud free us! Clean and nice 🙂

Chill and enjoy the buffet meals

Lunch and dinner will be provided if you stay a night at the Pulau Tiga resort. And we must say, the food was really not bad at all! We were quite impressed with the spread and looked forward the the meals!


Anyway, here are some pictures of our accommodation at Pulau Tiga. Pretty basic but decent. Very spacious in fact and it was quite funny watching the monkeys from our window.

Tip: Never leave your windows/door open when you leave your room! The mischievous monkeys will enter your room and you don’t know what they’ll do with your belongings! 


Basic but decent accommodation at Pulau Tiga


The interior of our room at Pulau Tiga

Essential Information

We booked our tour with Amazing Borneo where they helped us coordinate the land transfer, ferry ticket bookings, accommodation and activities. It’s quite hard to do this on your own as the ferry is around 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu city. From the ferry terminal, it takes only about 30 mins to reach Pulau Tiga island!

Have you been to Pulau Tiga before? What do you of this place as a nearby getaway destination for Singaporeans? Share with us your comments below!