10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Myanmar Now

We’ve covered almost the whole of South East Asia and our favourite is still Myanmar. There’s just something so pure and pristine about this beautiful country that it’s hard to describe in words. You have to travel to Myanmar to understand what we’re talking about.

1. Enjoy the most amazing sunrise/sunset ever


Sunset at Ubein Bridge in Mandalay. Where else can you enjoy a sunset as gorgeous as this?!

2. Burmese are the friendliest and most genuine people ever


With the sweet burmese girls that we made friends with in Mandalay

3. The best place for a hot air balloon ride


Yes it’s commercialised, but hey, look at the view! It’s unbeatable!

4. Experience the most authentic village trek and homestay


Village trek and homestay in Hsipaw

5. Challenge yourself and ride the highest railway ever in SEA


On board the Goteik Viaduct, the highest railway train in SEA. Most nerve wrecking 2 min ever!

6. Be awed by the splendid Burmese architecture


Temple in Mandalay

7. Explore Yangon via the local 3 hr train ride for $1 only!


Most value for money activity! Hop off any station and continue exploring!

8. It goes easy on your pocket


There are so many things to do in Myanmar that don’t require a single cent

9. Immerse yourself in the local Burmese culture


A traditional ceremony where the young boys become monks

10. So if not now, then when?!


What are you waiting for? Hope this post managed to inspire you to travel to Myanmar next!