12 Interesting Facts About Armenia That You Might Not Know

Do you know that Armenia is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world? Or that the orange colour in their flag represents apricot? Or that Armenia is the first country that has adopted Christianity as its state religion? Read on for more interesting facts about Armenia that you might not know.

Exploring the Beautiful ‘Pink City’ Yerevan of Armenia

We had so much fun exploring the beautiful Yerevan, capital of Armenia. Here are our recommendation on 10 things to do in Yerevan which includes brandy tasting, climbing up to the cascade to enjoy a nice panorama view of the city, shopping for souvenirs at the local art market and more!

Top 9 Things To Do In Armenia

Here’s our suggestion on things to do in Armenia, from wine tasting, skiing, shopping in the local markets to visiting the beautiful ancient churches and ruins, there’s almost something for everyone!